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NHS Health Careers

350 careers...

There are more than 350 different careers in the NHS so whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there’s a career for you.

You will have heard of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, but did you know about our chefs, cyber security experts and lab technicians?

We also have roles available across the country and not just in hospitals. For example, you may work in a community clinic, mental health facility or prison.

A growing workforce

The NHS is growing its workforce. This will mean more opportunities for you to kickstart your NHS career than ever before.

We are tripling our apprenticeship opportunities and increasing training places in areas such as nursing, medicine and paramedicine, leading to a better chance of you securing your dream career.

A rewarding career

An NHS career is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. How many people leave work knowing what they did really mattered?

Whatever you’d like to do in the NHS, you’ll make a difference to people’s lives from day one. Be part of the team!

Getting started

There are different ways you can start your NHS career…


Our values are important and we want to hear from anyone who shares them.

We are compassionate and inclusive and work hard to make sure everyone has access to healthcare, no matter their background.

If you’re someone who can work with colleagues to put patients first, can treat everyone with respect, and is committed to making a difference to people’s lives, we may have a career for you.

Your future

The NHS is a great place to grow and learn and, once you’re in, we’ll be keen to support you to stay and develop your career.

The pace of change and technological innovation in the NHS in areas such as genomics and artificial intelligence means that we’ll always need new skills and experience. You may find yourself in a career you’d never heard of before!

The NHS is growing, and we want you to come on this journey with us. We will have lots more apprenticeships and training places available and are committed to improving staff wellbeing.

Our focus on team working means you’ll always be supported, and our pay progression system rewards you for gaining knowledge, experience and skills. Be part of the team!

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