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Green Jobs For Nature

Are you ready to help change the world?

Do you want a career that would allow you to help create a better world for people and nature, but perhaps you’re not sure where to begin?

To help you, the Green Jobs for Nature website is packed full of useful information about the different types of green jobs for nature, how to get one, and who you can work for.

Green jobs are more important than ever

The twin environmental crises we are facing of biodiversity loss and climate change mean that the work of those involved in the environmental sector is ever more important.

To ensure that national laws and targets are met around reducing the impact of climate change and to reverse biodiversity loss, the ecology and environmental sector are going to need lots of new people working in professions that can make an impact. This could be you.

What are Green Jobs for Nature?

Green jobs for nature are roles that directly contribute to managing, protecting, and restoring our natural world. It matters because we have been losing nature at a frightening rate in recent decades, and that not only damages the natural world but also harms people. We rely on nature to provide us with essential services such as food (e.g. pollinators), fuel (e.g. wood), materials (e.g. medicines and clothing) as well as supporting our physical and mental wellbeing.

Fortunately, the value of nature and the contribution that healthy natural systems make to adapting to a changing climate is being more widely recognised. But to do this, we need more people to work in nature related jobs to manage and restore our natural world whether on land, by the coast, at sea or by our rivers and wetlands.

Why work in nature?

Green jobs are growing fast across the UK and Ireland and they will continue to grow in response to the climate emergency. Green infrastructure, nature-based solutions and maintaining thriving habitats will all be the norm in the future but we need people to help carry out this vision now.

There’s literally no better time than now to get involved and start working towards your green job career today. You could work in a variety of roles, which could include desk-based work, be primarily outdoor-based, or have a mixture of the two. You could work in a variety of employment sectors to benefit nature and in a variety of nature related roles.

Who are the employers?

The charity and non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector is the most popular as many people associate nature conservation with environmental charities, but in fact, there are also plenty of jobs to be found in the public and private sectors as well as in industry and academia.

Discover a range of nature related careers

Whether you are an ecologist or ranger, a data mapper or policy advisor, a project manager or a marketing coordinator – they all help to benefit nature and the environment. Explore your career below:

Job profile of a Rainforest and Peatland Officer

Where to start?

So you are interested in getting that green job for nature, but need help in taking the next step? Then take a look at the options below.

If you are at school or college, then this is the ideal time to start thinking about what type of nature related career you could do and what you might need to study to do this. School & college students.

You could consider an apprenticeship where you learn on the job gaining valuable hands on experience leading to an industry recognised qualification, whilst being paid to work. Examples include Countryside Ranger, Ecologists and Environmental Practitioner.

Degrees are a great way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to prepare you for your career and learn from expert academics. Courses vary from 1 year foundation degrees to 4 year bachelor degrees with a placement year. Course range from ecology and wildlife conservation to zoology and marine biology.

Having relevant work experience can be key to starting your career. This can be through a work placement, internship, graduate scheme or volunteering.

Myth Busters

So you think you know what a Green Job for Nature is? Think again!

‘I have to go to university to get a green job‘False. There are so many different avenues you can take, from volunteering, apprenticeships and work placements.

‘Green jobs are only outdoor jobs’This isn’t true – there’s actually a lot of desk-based green jobs like a Communications Officer, Policy Officer or Training Manager. You don’t have to work outside to have a green job.

‘Green jobs just involve planting trees or renewable energy’This is only the tip of the iceberg…discover the range of green jobs for nature that cover much more

‘You have to work for free or little pay to have a green job’ – While it’s true that some people enter the sector by undertaking voluntary work, a lot don’t. The sector might not pay the same as the technology and finance industries, but it’s rewarding, fulfilling and you can make a real difference to the world around you

‘It’s all about hugging trees’ – You can build valuable transferable skills and technical skills for your career and personal development in roles that suit you and your own personality (no tree hugging required).

Passionate about nature and the environment?

Have a look at these 5 people to follow on Instagram and TikTok to continue to inspire you and show what it is like working in a nature related career.

@outsidewithlira Lira is a Wetlands Ranger in London and is particularly passionate about nature in urban environments. Follow Lira if you also believe that nature should be for everyone, not just the few!

@birdgirluk Mya-Rose Craig, also known as Birdgirl, is a 21 year old birder, writer, environmentalist and activist. Folow Mya for her stunning images of the birds she sees and don’t forget to check out her book!

@citygirlinnature Kwesia grew up in South East London with little access to nature. She created City Girl in Nature to connect other city dwellers with the great outdoors. Follow Kwesia for how to observe and appreciate the nature we can find on our doorstep.

@dara_mcanulty Dara is a 19 year old conservationist, naturalist and award-winning author. His book, Diary of a Young Naturalist, shines a light on the beauty of the natural world whilst being autistic and experiencing poor mental health…a must read for any keen reader and future conservationist!

@patrick_aryee Patrick is a content creator, author, public speaker and wildlife TV presenter – one of the first black British African presenters to feature as a lead wildlife TV host for the BBC and Sky TV.

Jargon Buster

Get ahead now by having a look at some of the technical terms used in the industry with our jargon buster.

Green Jobs for Nature is created by CIEEM, the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (the professional body for ecologists and environmental managers in the UK and Ireland) in collaboration with a number of organisations, employers and other professional bodies to raise awareness of job opportunities in the natural environment sector.

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