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Royal Society of Chemistry

Chemistry is everywhere – affecting the manufacture of all that you touch and wear, developing new medicines and finding solutions for the pressures on energy, food and water to help us to live more sustainably.

The Royal Society of Chemistry connects scientists with each other and society, so they can do their best work and make discoveries and innovation happen.

By pursuing a career in chemistry, you could help create a vaccine that saves millions of lives. Or invent a new way to cut air pollution. Or create a new type of biodegradable plastic. A qualification in chemistry opens doors to a wide range of careers.

Discover some of the ways chemists are making a difference to the climate emergency. From recycling electric car batteries to converting waste pineapple leaves into fabric there are so many green careers in chemistry. Which one will you choose?

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Study Options

There are many different qualifications and routes you can take to become a professional chemical scientist and have a successful career in chemistry.

Job Profiles

Real-life stories from real-life chemical scientists.

Taryn tests our food, drink and medicines to make sure it’s safe to consume.

Gary is fixing problems in DNA research to help scientists make new discoveries.

Saba uses air quality assessments help clients worldwide to minimise their air pollution.

Paul uses chemistry to manufacture zero-waste sugar.

Zubera researches the most sustainable way to recycle electric car batteries.

Joseph, a higher-degree apprentice, is making sure there is clean, safe water for the whole of the UK.

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From sustainable fashion to renewable energy, a career in chemistry can make a difference. Find out more from those already making the impact, plus explore videos that spotlight the chemistry that’s all around us and show you chemistry experiments that you can do at home.


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