National Careers Week 2024 4th – 9th March | [email protected]

Why would I like a career in radiation protection?

It’s an exciting sector with a huge range of vacancies across the country, Europe and even the world! Now more than ever radiation protection needs more resources and is actively recruiting enthusiastic individuals with potential to develop and grow. Being part of this field allows people to use helpful properties of radiation or radioactive materials whilst managing the risks, to keep workers and the public safe.

Through The Society for Radiological Protection, you can...

SRP is holding a careers event at the University of Birmingham on 21 March.

Email [email protected] for more information.

What is The Society for Radiological Protection (SRP)?

The Society for Radiological Protection is the principal independent professional body for Radiation Protection in the UK. It has 2000+ members and, outside the USA, is the largest radiological protection society in the world.

The Society is a learned focus for understanding radiation hazards and solutions, and for providing information to Government, industry and the public on Radiation Protection.

The Society operates in the fields of medicine, the nuclear power cycle, research and other settings that use hazardous radiation. It is involved in advising, training, educational outreach, and helping to improve regulatory response, understanding of accidents and improving emergency response.

We also serve the public by providing information about radiation protection and associated careers via our Outreach Programme.

For more information, please visit out webpage or social media account!

Radiation Protection Today!

We publish a free magazine ‘Radiation Protection Today’ twice a year, packed full of interesting and useful information about the industry.

Different careers options within the industry

So many more! SRP made ‘top gals’ cards last year to give the public an idea of the variety of career paths our female members follow (these vacancies aren’t limited to women) however a great way to see what’s out there! Click the cards to check them out!

Careers in Radiation Protection

Careers in Radiation Protection

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Mentoring scheme

SRP’s Mentoring Scheme aims to match less experienced RP professionals with senior members (ideally in a similar field) who are able to offer advice and guidance via suitable communication means (e.g. phone, email, or face-to-face meetings). Mentors will aim to support mentees with their learning and development for an agreed period (we suggest around 12 months although this will depend on mentor availability).

Mentoring may include help with a particular project or problem, guidance during a course of study where no other suitable mentor is available, advice on career progression or assistance with a paper publication, a conference poster, or a competition entry.

Free Webinars

We encourage people to attend our free webinars! These are a fantastic way to learn about the variety of issues, subjects, process etc in the industry!

Annual Conference

This year the SRP Annual Conference will be in Eastbourne!

The 2024 Annual Conference will focus on how we’re integrating sustainability in our day-to-day practices, from tackling the radiation protection skills gap, promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplace, embedding sustainable practices in our radiation protection decision making, and setting up the profession to tackle our future radiation protection challenges from current and future technologies.

The event will include a number of invited talks from key stakeholders including the International Commission on Radiological Protection, National Skills Groups, along with SRP Fellow James Cairns (Aurora Health Physics), who was recently portrayed in the recent ITVX Drama Documentary on Litvinenko.

In previous years it’s been in Aberdeen, Llandudno, Bournemouth!

Job Vacancies

Record breaking job opportunities were advertised through the society last year!

If you are interested in a new job role or wanting a career in radiation protection now is the perfect time to join the society as you can only view the job adverts if you are a member.