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UK Telecoms Innovation Network

UKTIN is the innovation network for the UK telecoms sector, bringing together industry, academia, and government stakeholders to catalyse telecoms R&D talent in investment, cooperation and commercialisation.

UKTIN’s mission is to transform the UK telecoms innovation ecosystem, capitalising on the country’s strengths in technology, academia, and entrepreneurialism, while positioning it for growth as new opportunities emerge in the industry.

Be Part of a Hyperconnected Future

What is connectivity?

Connectivity enables us to connect with anyone, anytime, using different devices, systems, or components. It allows us to do amazing things like accessing the internet, social media, remote meetings, gaming, and more. It’s also essential for exciting technologies like drones and self-driving cars and even for bringing cultural experiences to life through augmented reality!

Did you know?

Nokia Bell Labs is working with Intuitive Machines and NASA’s Tipping Point initiative to deploy the first-ever cellular network on the moon! The network will land on the Shackleton crater and demonstrate that cellular connectivity can support mission-critical communications for future lunar or Martian missions.

Self-driving cars are already a reality on some private roads in the UK, with assistance systems allowing cars to make decisions and respond to situations without human intervention. Connectivity is crucial to helping autonomous vehicles communicate and cooperate with each other and avoid collisions. If automated driving is already here, what will be next?

The 5G Festival allowed 21 artists to perform together across three different venues, highlighting the capabilities of 5G technology to allow music professionals to produce, collaborate, and perform in real time without any restrictions.

Benefits of Working In Connectivity

Global Opportunities
Exciting Collaborations With Various Organisations
Continuous Innovation
Role Diversity (technical and non-technical roles)
Promising Career Progression
No Two Days Are the Same!
Job Security
Competitive Salaries
Learning Through Hands-On Experience

Find The Right Career For You

Exciting technical and non-technical roles await every connectivity enthusiast.

Are you interested in finding a career in connectivity? There are many roles from Cyber Security Analysts to Fibre Engineers and even Project Managers, connectivity has something to offer almost everyone. Career pathways into connectivity include A Levels, BTECs, T-Levels, Bootcamps, plus over 40 apprenticeships including degree apprenticeships.

Read below to learn more about the wide range of opportunities available. Information includes required qualifications, potential career paths and salaries.

Design, develop, install and manage systems that transmit communication information.

Enable communication devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and other telecommunications equipment to function and communicate effectively.

Plan, execute and finalise projects related to telecommunications systems.

Hear From Our Ambassadors

Charlotte Goodwill

Vicky Messer

Meet Ardy

20 years old

Apprentice Network Engineer at BT Group

Hi, I’m Ardy, an Apprentice Network Engineer at BT Group. Our goal is to ‘Connect for Good’, and I’m part of the team testing and developing customer hubs that meet BT’s standards and integrate into the Openreach network. What I love about the job is being ahead of the curve and looking at future tech while understanding how next generation products are made. I did A-levels equivalent to BBC, and I’m pursuing a Level 6 apprenticeship and a Bachelor’s degree in Digital and Technology Solutions. My advice to young people seeking a career in connectivity is that anyone can get into tech, regardless of background; you just need passion and a desire to learn. The tech sector always evolves, and I’m excited to grow alongside it.

Meet Tekle

21 years old

2nd Year Degree Apprentice in Digital Technology Solution & Network Engineering at BT Group

Hello, my name is Tekle, and I am a 2nd Year Degree Apprentice in Digital Technology Solution & Network Engineering. As part of my role, I am responsible for configuring, troubleshooting, and testing BT’s infrastructure for the Global Network Fabric. Daily, I work in the lab installing, cabling, and configuring equipment to ensure the reliability and functionality of the network. What I love about my job is the hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology, solving complex challenges, and contributing to impactful projects. If you want to pursue a career in connectivity, explore apprenticeship programmes in your desired field, gain work experience while still in school, and determine if it fits you well. When applying for a job, remember that no one expects you to know everything about the role. You just need to be eager to learn and confident in your abilities.

Not Sure How To Get Into Connectivity?

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