National Careers Week 2024 4th – 9th March | [email protected]


A career is the variety of experiences that you have assumed throughout your life. As you gather more experience in the world of work and life, you are building your career. Your career path can take account of your education, training and paid/unpaid work. It also includes your family/ life roles, activities, volunteer work, community involvement etc.

Whether you are starting to think about your career or wanting a career change we have a range or resources below to help you. You can also get in touch with our friendly coordinators via the instant chat function and start talking about your career today.

Careers Booklets

This guide will help you to understand all of the post 16 options and opportunities that are available across the Humber. Deciding what you want to do after Year 11 can feel a bit scary, you may feel that you already have enough to worry about with your upcoming exams and now you are also being asked to decide on your future beyond school. This guide is here to help and support you. Click on the images below to download the guide(s).