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Vocational Studies

A vocational course is a training programme which tends to focus more on the practical work rather than academic exams. The word ‘vocational’ refers to the fact that the course prepares you for a vocation, i.e. a particular set of skills required in different types or jobs such as construction for example.

You may feel like your skill set leans more towards coursework and practical assignments rather than exams, in which case a vocational course could be perfect for you.

If you choose to study a vocational course the college will assign you a level to start at based on your previous academic achievements and/or work experience. After completing your level, you may be asked to move on to a higher level to further your qualification, depending on your behaviour and excellent attendance. There are 4 levels of vocational course levels.

Here are some of the local Colleges and Universities offering vocational courses. Please feel free to use our instant chat function and speak to our helpful coordinators.