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We’re a proud member of WorldSkills, a global movement of over 80 countries. WorldSkills supports young people across the world via competitions-based training, assessment and benchmarking, with members’ national teams ultimately testing their ability to achieve world-class standards in the biennial ‘skills olympics’. From this we use international best practice to raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education.

We inspire young people, whatever their background, to choose high-quality apprenticeships and technical education as prestigious career routes, as we believe that apprenticeships and technical education are prestigious career routes for all young people.

For career inspiration on roles, pathways and industries and to find out more about our prestigious skills competitions, check out the below stories from our Skills Champions, who are previous WorldSkills UK competitors.
If you’re an educator or careers leader, browse our new collection of free interactive and bitesize careers advice resources on technical education and apprenticeships, to support you to meet Gatsby benchmarks 5 & 7 on our website and inspire your students.

Why choose technical education & apprenticeships

Technical education and apprenticeships give you the skills and knowledge needed to kickstart your career. Created with industry and jobs in mind, this is an exciting time to choose technical education and apprenticeships as your next step, with new courses and pathways being added, driven by industry demand.

What types of technical education are available?

Technical education encompasses any training, such as qualifications and apprenticeships, that focuses on progression into skilled employment and gives you both a substantial body of technical knowledge and a set of practical skills valued by industry.

Higher technical education is a form of higher education that describes classroom-based qualifications and higher apprenticeships that are designed to lead to high skilled jobs in many occupations, making it likely that you will find an area of study that interests you.

See below the technical and higher technical education options available to you.

What types of apprenticeships are available?

Each apprenticeship type has a level and an equivalent education level. Apprenticeships are a paid opportunity to have a real job where you will gain practical training experience, whilst also studying through a college, university, training provider or training at work.

20% off the job is study towards a qualification and 80% on the job training.  If you’re looking to start earning, working and gain industry knowledge and technical skills from the get go, an apprenticeship is the perfect option for you.

Further study and higher technical qualifications

To build on your skills and qualifications you could consider higher technical education.
Generally, this is for those aged 18 years or older and includes qualifications such as foundation degrees, Higher National Certificates (HNC) or Higher National Diplomas (HND) and Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQ).

Higher apprenticeships

The entry requirements will vary but you could look at studying a Level 4-5 (Level 8-9 Scotland) higher or technical apprenticeship or Level 6-7 (Level 9-11 Scotland) degree or professional apprenticeship.

For inspiration on what technical education and apprenticeship options are available to you and the different industries and roles you can work in, check out the stories of our Skills Champions (past WorldSkills UK competitors) below.

For the most up to date qualification and pathway information in a specific sector you should refer to (IFATE) the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s occupational maps

Challenge the Champion

Spotlight on Careers

Looking for intel and inspiration on apprenticeship and technical education pathways and careers?

We’ve worked with key industry partners in sectors such as BCS, BAE Systems, Autodesk, Amazon, the BFI, ICAEW, STEM Learning, Springboard and many more to bring you all you need to know about the roles, skills and routes in to the sectors, industries and topics such as Engineering and Manufacturing including generative design, additive manufacturing, marine, nuclear and aerospace engineering.

Role Model Resources

Our range of e-learning bitesize resources on the WorldSkills UK Learning Lab supports educators and careers leaders to inspire students to choose technical education and apprenticeships as prestigious career pathways. With our focus on STEM, future skills and priority skill areas, for sector and industry specific browse our role model educator resources, to deliver bite-size inspiring sector specific TVET and apprenticeship careers education and information sessions.

From carpenter to web developer and CNC machinist to games designer, these careers resources are sector specific and highlight the various roles, skills and technical pathways and apprenticeships in various careers. All resources take 25 minutes to complete and place either Skills Champions (past WorldSkills UK competitors) or inspiring role models from industry partners at the heart of the content. With lesson plans and activity sheets, these resources support educators to meet Gatsby benchmarks 1, 5 and 7.

Student Stories